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A greener approach to interior design

Lorraine Alexander Interior Design recognizes the increasing concerns associated with the environment and the worldwide production of goods. As an alternative to traditional interior design, building and construction, we offer a greener option. We believe that by combining quality interior design with durable eco-friendly materials, fine craftsmanship, and timeless design-style, we lessen the impact on our landfills. We partner with vendors, architects, contractors and tradesmen that also recognize these local and global environmental concerns. We stand committed to develop environmentally-friendly design projects, and to promote health and safety in your home.

Every day, Lorraine Alexander Interior Design looks for the newest developments in eco-friendly living and promises to be environmentally responsible. We will continue to be an innovator in safe, eco-friendly interior design projects and provide the best environmental solutions for your home or office. We invite you to join our efforts for a greener future.

“Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.” Dr. Jonas Salk

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