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Interior design and remodel, sink detail

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Interior Design...it's all in the details

Crafting function, eco-friendliness and beauty into each design.

Simply stated, Lorraine Alexander Interior Design creates balance in interior spaces...rooms that nurture and feed the soul. With a reverence for the environment -- reclaimed pieces are often used. Timeless, tasteful interior style, will transform your home or workspace into a warm, inviting, comfortable, healthy environment.

Lorraine Alexander Interior Design goes well beyond the scope of most designers to encompass complete project design. We partner with vendors, fabricators, architects, contractors and the finest artisans and tradesmen on each phase of your interior project. We insist on quality and the stunning results you want and deserve. Certified in Green Building, we specialize in environmentally responsible residential interior design, home remodels, renovations and new construction. Consultations available on site or by phone.

Lorraine Alexander on Design, Nature and the Human Spirit from Lorraine Alexander on Vimeo.

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